Emily wrote on 05 April 2018
I took
- WISHES: weedle02, ivysaur02, squirtle01, horsea01, eevee05, slowpoke01
- 2 starter: bulbasaur01, charmander07
- New Decks (11 February): meganium01, genesect02, pumpkaboo03, snivy04, sunkern05, celebi06, bellossom07, cherubi08

Thanks x
Amber wrote on 04 March 2018
- New Decks: bellossom03, bellossom04, pumpkaboo11, pumpkaboo12, snivy09, snivy10, meganium16, meganium17
- Wish (Shiranna ~ Wishes): growlithe04, vulpix20, misdreavus01, haunter02, eevee03, gyarados07
- Wish (Lex ~ 2 starter cards): bulbasaur14, bulbasaur15

Thank you!
Haylee wrote on 20 February 2018
New Decks: snivy05, snivy07, pumpkaboo04, pumpkaboo06, meganium11, meganium13, bellossom03, bellossom20

Wishes (WISHES): growlithe02, vulpix04, lapras02, charmander12, charmander15, lapras06

Wishes (Starter): charmander13, charmander14
Cici wrote on 18 February 2018
You could always push deck releases/trainer/mastery updates to a biweekly schedule and the Biweekly games to Bimonthly. That way you'd only need to throw up a quick "You can play the weekly games again!" notice on a weekly basis!

It might also help to automate some of the forum stuff? Like the masteries/level up/trade rewards. That way you have less to do when you're on the site for update purposes.

Just some thoughts :D

New Decks: bellossom20, celebi17, cherubi03, genesect04, meganium18, pumpkaboo09, snivy06, sunkern14
Wishes (Shiranna): (WISHES) mew05, squirtle10, sandshrew03, growlithe04, poochyena01, sandslash05
Wishes (lEX): squirtle11, squirtle13
Betty wrote on 18 February 2018
genesect01, genesect02, celebi01, celebi02, meganium01, meganium02, pumpkaboo01, pumpkaboo02; mew01, pikachu05, ninetales01, pikachu06, scyther02, ninetales02; squirtle05, squirtle06
Mysti wrote on 16 February 2018
New Decks: sunkern09, sunkern11, meganium18, bellossom14, cherubi19, genesect14, snivy18, meganium15
WISHES: poliwag05, magikarp18, lapras06, oddish09, cubone11, staryu08
Starter: squirtle18, totodile18

Mio wrote on 15 February 2018
Wishes - Trainer Shiranna - WISHES: W mewtwo09, I teddiursa06, S teddiursa08, H houndour06, E mewtwo14, S espurr05
Wishes - Trainer Lex - 2 choice starter pokemon cards: bulbasaur03, bulbasaur04
New Decks: genesect04, genesect19, celebi03, pumpkaboo05, snivy13, meganium03, bellossom01, cherubi03
Lex wrote on 15 February 2018
New Decks: pumpkaboo03, pumpkaboo14, snivy08, meganium05, bellossom13, celebi15, genesect04, sunkern08
Wish (WISHES): mew19, totodile13, squirtle20, spheal02, totodile17, gastly17
Wish (Starters): squirtle11, squirtle13
Samu wrote on 15 February 2018
- Deck Release: bellossom09, bellossom10, celebi03, celebi06, meganium07, pumpkaboo01, pumpkaboo02, cherubi20
- Deck Extras: bellossom15, celebi11, sunkern03
- Wishes (WISHES): swablu05, dratini09, squirtle08, houndour06, mareep10, squirtle09
- Wishes (Starter Pokemon): squirtle10, squirtle11
Jesh wrote on 15 February 2018
Roto Lotto (February Extra Pulls): snivy19, snivy20
Catie wrote on 14 February 2018
New Decks: celebi06, celebi19, genesect03, genesect09, meganium06, meganium14, pumpkaboo05, pumpkaboo16
Jirachi's Wishes (WISHES): litwick04, dratini05, horsea02, charmander10, charmander11, horsea03,
Jirachi's Wishes (starter): charmander18, charmander20

Thank you !!
Kupo wrote on 12 February 2018
- New Decks: bellossom06, bellossom10, celebi02, celebi09, pumpkaboo04, pumpkaboo19, snivy06, snivy07
- Jirachi's Wishes (WISHES): wartortle05, pikachu06, squirtle13, pikachu08, wartortle06, squirtle15
- Jirachi's Wishes (Starter Pkmn): squirtle16, squirtle17

Thank you! :)
Nea wrote on 12 February 2018
New decks: bellossom01, bellossom04, celebi04, cherubi03, pumpkaboo04, pumpkaboo19, snivy06, snivy10

Cards spelling WISHES: swablu01, pichu05, lapras03, pichu10, charmander10, lapras06

Two choice starter pokemon cards: charmander04, charmander14
Jun wrote on 12 February 2018
WISHES: weedle04, litten06, bulbasaur16, jirachi01, litten10, magikarp12, bulbasaur17, bulbasaur18
Update: meganium01, meganium17, celebi07, celebi19, bellossom16, bellossom18, snivy03, snivy04

Thank you! And wow first MotW! Nice :D
Jesh wrote on 12 February 2018
New Decks: bellossom01, bellossom02, celebi01, celebi02, snivy01, snivy02, meganium03, meganium04

WISHES: wartortle01, chikorita02, bulbasaur05, chikorita04, omanyte04, bulbasaur06

2 choice starters: bulbasaur03, bulbasaur04