Emily wrote on 05 April 2018
I took
- 20, 18: eevee20, charmander18
- 3 choice candies: grass, normal, fire
- New Decks (19 February): sylveon01, sylveon02, entei03, togepi04, togepi05, drifloon06, minccino07, lanturn08, stoutland09, cleffa10
Thanks x
Amber wrote on 04 March 2018
- New Decks: sylveon14, sylveon15, entei14, entei15, lanturn10, lanturn11, minccino02, minccino03
- Wish (Kupo ~ 2018): bulbasaur20, flareon18
- Wish (Amber ~ 3 candies): water, water, water
- Events: firstmastery

Thank you!
Nea wrote on 01 March 2018
New decks: togepi04, togepi16, cleffa17, cleffa20, minccino03, minccino09, sylveon03, sylveon12, lanturn06, drifloon03

Events: firstmastery

Jirachi's Wishes: pichu18, pichu20
Jirachi's Wishes: electric candy, electric candy, electric candy

Thank you and eeeeeeee, Sylveon is finally here! ;;;
Cici wrote on 26 February 2018
New Decks: entei02, entei03, sylveon08, minccino01, minccino07, togepi11, stoutland19, cleffa06, lanturn08, drifloon01
Event Releases: firstmastery
Wishes (Kupo): growlithe20, squirtle18
Wishes (Amber): water, fire, ground

Thank you!
Catie wrote on 25 February 2018
New Decks: cleffa04, cleffa19, driftloon03, driftloon08, entei07, entei10, sylveon01, sylveon12, togepi13, togepi16
Wish (2018): dratini20, litwick18
Wish (candies): fire candy, fire candy, fire candy
Event: firstmastery

Thank you !!
Mysti wrote on 24 February 2018
New Decks: togepi14, togepi18, drifloon19, drifloon20, lanturn12, lanturn20, sylveon19, minccino18, cleffa18, entei19
Event: firstmastery
2018: lapras20, mimikyu18
Choice Candies: water x 3
Lex wrote on 24 February 2018
New Decks: cleffa11, cleffa18, minccino06, minccino19, drifloon14, entei08, sylveon07, stoutland06, togepi12, lanturn11
Event: firstmastery
Wish (2018): gastly20, kangaskhan18
Wish (3 Candies): ghost, water, water
Whitney wrote on 24 February 2018
New Decks: cleffa05, cleffa06, lanturn07, lanturn08, sylveon04, sylveon05, togepi06, togepi10, minccino08, minccino09
Events: firstmastery
Wishes (Kupo): charmander20, charmeleon18
Wishes (Amber): 3 fire candy

Thank you! :D
Nyla wrote on 21 February 2018
New Decks: cleffa07, cleffa19, sylveon19, sylveon20, togepi19, togepi20, minccino09, minccino13, driftloon01, driftloon20
Event card: firstmastery
Jirachi's Wish: squirtle20, mareep18, 3 water candies
Kupo wrote on 20 February 2018
- New Decks: stoutland04, stoutland07, togepi04, togepi06, minccino07, minccino09, sylveon03, sylveon04, drifloon01, drifloon03
- Event Cards: firstmastery
- Jirachi's Wish (#20 & #18): teddiursa20, bulbasaur18
- Jirachi's Wish (3 Choice Candies): electric, electric, electric

Thank you! :)
Haylee wrote on 20 February 2018
New Decks: sylveon01, sylveon02, togepi08, togepi11, minccino12, minccino18, stoutland19, stoutland20, drifloon02, drifloon19

Events: firstmastery

Wishes: charmander20, lapras18

Wishes: 3 fire candies
Mio wrote on 20 February 2018
Wishes - Trainer Kupo - choice cards for #20 & #18 cards: rattata18, wartortle20
Wishes - Trainer Amber - three choice candies: water candy, water candy, water candy
Event Cards: firstmastery
New Decks: entei01, entei02, cleffa01, cleffa02, stoutland04, stoutland15, minccino01, drifloon10, sylveon04, sylveon15
Jesh wrote on 20 February 2018
wishes (kupo): vulpix20, snivy18

Wishes (amber): fightcandy, groundcandy, flyingcandy
Jun wrote on 20 February 2018
Slash that, lanturn12, lanturn18 evolve into driffloon12, driffloon18. sorry for the change!
Jun wrote on 20 February 2018
I am glad your crying. Lets all cry...

Update: firstmastery, entei07, entei13, entei17, stoutland11, stoutland17, stoutland01, togepi13, togepi17, lanturn12, lanturn18, sylveon12, sylveon16,
Wishes: stoutland20, weedle18, bug_candy, bug_candy, bug_candy