Haylee wrote on 09 May 2018
New Decks: lillipup05, lillipup09, lillipup10, lillipup13, suicune01, suicune02, suicune03, suicune04, cyndaquil12, cyndaquil13, cyndaquil14, cyndaquil15, purrloin16, purrloin17, purrloin18, purrloin19, sharpedo01, sharpedo02, sharpedo03, sharpedo04

Wishes (3 Cards): vulpix16, vulpix17, vulpix19

Wishes (5 Cards): fennekin06, sylveon08, eevee01, diglett20, articuno04

Wishes (Candies): 3 fire, 2 water
Alecks wrote on 05 May 2018
I'm half asleep but instead of charmander01/02/03 I meant 08/09/10.
Alecks wrote on 05 May 2018
- New Decks April 20: volcarona01, volcarona02, volcarona03, volcarona04, sharpedo01, sharpedo02, sharpedo03, sharpedo04, suicune01, suicune02, suicune03, suicune04, purrloin01, purrloin02, purrloin03, purrloin04, cyndaquil01, cyndaquil02, cyndaquil03, cyndaquil04
- Jirachi's Wish April 20: charmander01, charmander02, charmander03, charmander11, abra04, jolteon05, togepi04, eevee02, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire
Whitney wrote on 04 May 2018
New Decks: lillipup01, lillipup02, lillipup03, lillipup04, purrloin02, purrloin03, purrloin04, purrloin05, suicune01, suicune02, suicune03, suicune04, aron01, aron02, aron03, aron04, cyndaquil01, cyndaquil02, cyndaquil03, cyndaquil04
Jirachi's Wishes (Haylee): charmander13, charmeleon05, charizard09
Jirachi's Wishes (Whitney): charmander14, bulbasaur04, caterpie03, articuno01, meowth01
Jirachi's Wishes (Lex): fire, fire, fire, fire, fire

Thank you! :) Thanks also for granting my wish! And a big thanks for being picked for Trainer Spotlight! Even though I am only commenting now, I played the games and picked my reward up when the update first went up! My logs should reflect that! :)
Lex wrote on 29 April 2018
New Decks: croconaw05, croconaw17, cyndaquil05, cyndaquil10, cyndaquil12, cyndaquil14, purrloin06, purrloin11, smoochum03, smoochum06, smoochum11, smoochum15, suicune05, suicune09, larvesta10, aron14, lillipup16, rotom07, sharpedo12, venipede06
Wish (1 Type): wartortle09, spheal20, suicune14
Wish (5 Different Types): chikorita02, wartortle16, kangaskhan20, fennekin19, pumpkaboo18
Wish (5 Candies): water, water, ghost, ghost, ghost
Samu wrote on 25 April 2018
- Wishes (3 choice): mimikyu10, mimikyu11, mimikyu 12
- Wishes (5 choice from diff pokemon): mimikyu13, dragonair01, flaaffy04, jynx05, articuno07
- Wishes (candies): electric, electric, electric, electric, electric
- Deck Release: purrloin02, purrloin04, purrloin16, purrloin20, smoochum02, smoochum04, smoochum13, smoochum19, lillipup01, lillipup03, lillipup04, lillipup05, croconaw14, croconaw18, cyndaquil11, cyndaquil20, rotom06, rotom19, suicune07, suicune20
- Deck Extras: smoochum08, croconaw06, suicune08
Kupo wrote on 23 April 2018
- New Decks: croconaw02, croconaw06, cyndaquil04, cyndaquil06, cyndaquil07, cyndaquil08, lillipup01, lillipup06, lillipup08, lillipup15, purrloin02, purrloin03, purrloin07, rotom05, rotom08, rotom14, suicune01, suicune02, suicune07, suicune08
- Jirachi's Wishes (Haylee): bulbasaur13, ivysaur06, venusaur07
- Jirachi's Wishes (Whitney): bulbasaur15, teddiursa14, wartortle15, sneasel01, growlithe04
- Jirachi's Wishes (Lex): electric candy, electric candy, electric candy, electric candy, water candy

Thank you!
Mio wrote on 23 April 2018
New Decks: rotom01, rotom02, rotom03, rotom04, purrloin01, purrloin02, purrloin03, purrloin04, lillipup01, lillipup02, lillipup03, lillipup04, cyndaquil01, cyndaquil02, cyndaquil03, cyndaquil04, suicune01, suicune02, suicune03, suicune04
WISHES - Trainer Haylee - 3 choice cards of 1 type of pokemon: wartortle06, blastoise09, wooper01
WISHES - Trainer Whitney - 5 choice cards from 5 different pokemon types: zoroark12, absol05, houndoom07, houndour09, poochyena03
WISHES - Trainer Lex - 5 choice candies: 5 dark candies
Nyla wrote on 23 April 2018
New Decks (04/20/18): purrloin01, purrloin02, purrloin03, purrloin04, suicune01, suicune02, suicune03, suicune04, lillipup01, lillipup02, lillipup03, lillipup04, cyndaquil01, cyndaquil02, cyndaquil3, cyndaquil04, croconaw01, croconaw02, croconaw03, croconaw04
Jirachi's Wish (Haylee): squirtle01, wartortle03, blastoise01
Jirachi's Wish (Whitney): dratini05, squirtle10, growlithe15, eevee08, mareep05
Jirachi's Wish (Lex): 5 water candies
Cici wrote on 21 April 2018
New Decks: cyndaquil06, cyndaquil09, cyndaquil15, cyndaquil19, suicune06, suicune10, suicune17, suicune18, sharpedo07, sharpedo08, sharpedo16, sharpedo18, lillipup01, lillipup04, purrloin03, purrloin13, aron01, croconaw08, larvesta17, volcarona04
Wishes (Haylee): squirtle19, wartortle02, blastoise01
Wishes (Whitney): absol05, articuno05, mew05, sandshrew09, growlithe06
Wishes (Lex): water, water, fire, fire, fire

Thank you!
Jun wrote on 21 April 2018
RIP My phone doesnt update Pokemon Go anymore, so I am missing out on a lot of features :(. also pikachu ur fatfk. >:3

Wishes: rockruff14, stoutland03, meowth13, abra06, nidorina16, stoutland09, feebas06, entei05, bug, bug, bug, bug, normal

Update: aron13, aron07, aron19, cyndaquil18, cyndaquil19, cyndaquil20, larvesta12, larvesta04, larvesta17, lillipup11, lillipup13, lillipup02, purrloin07, rotom10, rotom16, rotom17, smoochum09, smoochum12, croconaw04, croconaw13, volcarona02, volcarona10, volcarona06, venipede01, venipede10, venipede12, suicune06, suicune16
if I claimed 3, I donated/made the deck.