Lex wrote on 12 May 2018
New Decks: altaria06, buneary10, buneary19, duskull03, duskull15, feraligatr13, feraligatr18, magby07, patrat11, tyrunt17
Event: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive
Wish (Evo Line): chikorita16, bayleef09, meganium12
Wish (Fairy): cleffa07, cleffa16
Raie wrote on 12 May 2018
Deck Release: tyrunt09, tyrunt01, duskull18, duskull02, feraligatr09, geraligatr10, buneary16, altaria09, magby17, patrat15

Updates: ev-daycarelive, ev-40members

Jirachi Wishes(Jun): squirlte03, wartortle01, blastoise01
Jirachi Wishes(Kupo): mimikyu09, mimikyu10
Mio wrote on 11 May 2018
New Decks: tyrunt07, tyrunt08, magby05, magby16, duskull02, duskull05, patrat18, joltik01, feraligatr03, buneary15
WISHES - Trainer Jun - 1 choice card from each Pokemon in an evolution line: charmander14, charmeleon01, charizard01
WISHES - Trainer Kupo - 2 choice cards featuring fairy pokemon: cleffa04, cleffa05
Event Cards: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive
Whitney wrote on 11 May 2018
New Decks: altaria04, altaria05, buneary02, buneary05, joltik09, joltik10, magby03, magby08, patrat03, patrat19
Events: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive
Jirachi's Wishes (Jun): caterpie04, metapod02, butterfree01
Jirachi's Wishes (Kupo): cleffa01, cleffa02

Thank you! :D
Haylee wrote on 09 May 2018
New Decks: altaria03, altaria15, magby11, magby12, tyrunt07, tyrunt08, buneary01, buneary02, duskull19, duskull20

Events: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive

Wishes (Evolutions): eevee14, sylveon18

Wishes (Fairy): sylveon16, sylveon17

Awhhh yay, thank you!!! ;u; <3
Kupo wrote on 09 May 2018
- New Decks: buneary02, buneary06, feraligatr01, feraligatr04, joltik05, joltik08, patrat04, patrat10, tyrunt03, tyrunt07
- Event Cards: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive
- Jirachi's Wishes (Jun): charmander10, charmeleon01, charizard01
- Jirachi's Wishes (Kupo): sylveon02, sylveon05

Thank you! :)
Jun wrote on 08 May 2018
forgot my fairys: diancie19, diancie20
Jun wrote on 08 May 2018
Update: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive, feraligatr16, feraligatr06, tyrunt07, tyrunt02, tyrunt16, magby09, magby12, magby20, buneary15, buneary04, patrat17, joltik18, duskull11, duskul01
Wishes: lillipup10, herdier06, stoutland05

:3 thank you! that wish helps with hearding my doggomons
Alecks wrote on 07 May 2018
- New Decks: magby01, magby02, buneary01, buneary02, altaria01, duskull01, feraligatr01, joltik01, patrat01, tyrunt01
- Update: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive
- Jirachi's Wishes: charmander14, charmeleon01, charizard01, togepi05, togepi06
Nyla wrote on 07 May 2018
New Decks (05/06/18): altaria04, altaria17, buneary07, buneary17, tyrunt05, tyrunt13, duskull02, duskull07, joltik11, joltik15
Update: ev-40members, ev-daycarelive
Jirachi's Wish (Jun): squirtle05, wartortle03, blastoise01
Jirachi's Wish (Kupo): sylveon01, sylveon02