Alecks wrote on 31 May 2018
Wish (Lex & Nyla): lugia16, kabutops20, golbat14, zorua07, feebas14, torchic11, bellossom02, primeape01, victreebel19, zebstrika18

Wish (Kupo): charmeleon08, charmeleon10, charmeleon11

New Decks: deino01, deino02, happiny01, happiny02, marill01, marill02, furfrou01, furfrou02, giratina01, giratina02

Opinion: I think that, if you're still starting out in the group, it's a little hard to get all of the steps needed to hatch eggs, even with being able to use things we've done before the activity began. (charmeleon13)
Nina wrote on 28 May 2018
New Decks: gardevoir01, gardevoir02, deino03, deino04, happiny05, happiny06, furfrou07, furfrou08, marill09, marill10

Wish: corsola16, vaporeon19, raichu11, rockruff13, psyduck10, clefable04, wigglytuff19, happiny15, popplio14, mew16, squirtle15, squirtle19, squirtle20

I'm in love with the egg hatching game. I can't wait to hatch my first egg. I can't think of any improvements at the moment. (squirtle10)
Jun wrote on 28 May 2018
Update: happiny13, happiny11, happiny19, deino12, deino18, deino20, giratina13, giratina18, giratina06, furfrou04, furfrou13, furfrou18, gardevoir01, gardevoir17
Wishes: larvesta14, kabutops12, grimer12, flaaffy01, marill04, haunter12, onix14, absol07, purrloin20, crobat06, nidoranf10, nidoranf19, nidoranf20
I like the egg thing, its not required and doesnt make the player feel like the yare missing out, however its actually very fun and just a little extra way to get more pokemon in your life :) I dropped this with you before, but maybe task to let us evolve pokemon? (example: I got a Spheal, and id liek to evolve it to Sphealeo or Walrein. Similar to steps, there would be bigger task to do that.) Just a thought though. Taking feebas09 for this
Mio wrote on 28 May 2018
WISHES - Trainer Lex & Nyla - 10 cards from the randomizer: rhyhorn19, charizard20, lapras01, shellder02, feebas13, nidoranm10, cinccino10, houndoom16, tauros20, chansey16
WISHES - Trainer Kupo - 3 choice cards from your favorite type: houndour12, houndour14, houndour15
Feedback on the egg game: blastoise19
New Decks: gardevoir01, gardevoir10, deino01, deino03, furfrou04, furfrou06, marill03, marill20, giratina15, happiny13

As for the daycare and the eggs!! I love it already. It is easy to understand and a nice little addition to what we can collect. Having a team of 6 little Pokemon is always nice : D the different egg images is a nice touch too. I am just missing the evolving a little xd but it's fine as it is imo!