Raie wrote on 06 January 2020
Update (Nov 13) - lairon01, lairon02, cherubi03, cherubi04, delcatty05, delcatty06, riolu07, rioly08, zigzagoon09, zigzagoon10

Jirachi Wishes (Whitney) - ekans09, growlith15, litten14, arbok07, arcanine08
Anna wrote on 24 December 2019
New Decks: cherubi01, cherubi02, delcatty01, delcatty02, riolu01, riolu02, zigzagoon01, zigzagoon02, froslass01, froslass02
Freebie (11/15): articuno11, cosmog15
Wishes (Anna/Rue): +50 steps
Wishes (Whitney): cosmog16, cyndaquil16, eevee15, articuno07, brionne12
Whitney wrote on 13 December 2019
New Decks: cherubi03, cherubi13, riolu02, riolu17, zigzagoon10, zigzagoon18, froslass03, froslass16, delcatty10, delcatty18
Update Freebies: (butterfree11, articuno15)
*********Jirachi's Wishes - 11/13*********
-Anna/Rue- (50 steps to use towards egg 017)
-Whitney- (spearow05 (flying), charmander19 (fire), caterpie15 (bug), igglybuff20 (fairy), piplup20 (water))

Thank you! And thanks for granting my wish!
Lex wrote on 03 December 2019
New Decks: zigzagoon05, zigzagoon09, delcatty06, delcatty15, lairon05, cherubi15, riolu03, riolu14, froslass15, froslass17

Wish (5 Types): chikorita01, croconaw17, cyndaquil02, gastly07, kangaskhan20

Freebies (11/15): chikorita11, vulpix15
Selena wrote on 02 December 2019
New Decks: riolu01, riolu02, cherubi05, cherubi06, delcatty10, delcatty11, froslass19, froslass20, zigzagoon07, zigzagoon08
Sanna wrote on 01 December 2019
New Decks (13 Nov 19): delcatty12, delcatty13, cherubi08, cherubi09, froslass19, froslass20, riolu11, riolu12, zigzagoon12, zigzagoon13
Update: wooper11, squirtle15
Wishes (Trainer Whitney): jigglypuff19, bulbasaur03, squirtle09, gastly06, houndoom02
Ashley wrote on 23 November 2019
New Decks:
froslass07, froslass04, riolu07, riolu12, delcatty09, delcatty19, lairon06, lairon16, cherubi14, zigzagoon08

Wish (5 Types):
cyndaquil06, roselia19, snorlax18, spheal06, vulpix02
Nejana wrote on 18 November 2019
New Decks: lairon01, cherubi01, delcatty01, riolu07, riolu13, zigzagoon01, frosslass01, lairon04, cherbu05, frosslass11
New Game: charmeleon11, ditto15
Jirachi Wish (Whitney): eevee12, charmeleon08, diancie17, glaceon14, mew16
Jams wrote on 18 November 2019
I love Sword and Shield so far, there are so many new pokemon that are so cute!

Sword & Shield Launch: mimikyu11, abra15
Wish (Anna & Rue): 50 steps, will post on forums once its up
Wish (Whitney): mimikyu01, abra20, mudkip08, charmander01, eevee18
New Decks: lairon16, lairon17, cherubi04, cherubi14, delcatty04, delcatty14, froslass04, froslass14, zigzagoon04, zigzagoon14
Bun wrote on 18 November 2019
New Decks: lairon 05, lairon07, delcatty16, delcatty17, riolu11, riolu13, froslass03, froslass07, cherubi13, cherubi16

Update (Sword/Shield): magikarp11, poliwag15

Wishes (Whitney): abra01, poliwag08, kangaskhan02, magby04, spinarak01
Cici wrote on 15 November 2019
New Decks: zigzagoon07, zigzagoon17, riolu04, riolu11, lairon10, cherubi13, cherubi03, froslass10, froslass18, delcatty03

Wishes (Anna & Rue): +50 steps (Jirachi's Wishes (11/13))

Wishes (Whitney): suicune11, spinarak05, poochyena03, rockruff01, growlithe09
Gaelle wrote on 14 November 2019
New Decks: froslass06, froslass08, lairon01, lairon02, delcatty07, delcatty08, riolu08, riolu10, cherubi02, cherubi19

Choice #11 & #15: abra11, litwick15

Wish: Whitney - 5 Different Pokemon Types: abra10(psychic), duskull06(ghost), mimejr04(fairy), psyduck03(water), eevee02(normal)

Wish - Anna & Rue: +50 steps for egg
Haylee wrote on 14 November 2019
11/15 Choice: snivy15, dratini11

Wishes (5 Choice): zebstrika06, stantler03, dratini16, girafarig20, snivy19

New Decks: zigzagoon06, zigzagoon07, cherubi03, cherubi20, riolu07, riolu16, delcatty07, delcatty10, froslass05, froslass19
Selena wrote on 14 November 2019
SWSH: dewott11, cosmog15
Choice Cards: cosmog20, froakie10, darkrai11, ivysaur07, charmeleon07
Jirachi's Wishes: +50 steps
Kayori wrote on 13 November 2019
New Decks: cherubi12, delcatty05, delcatty19, froslass09, froslass20, lairon12, lairon14, riolu09, riolu12, zigzagoon14

11: chespin11
15: torchic15

Jirachi's Wishes (11/13): 50 Steps

5 Choice:
Electric: zebstrika02
Fire: cyndaquil16
Grass: chespin06
Normal: eevee01
Water: squirtle04
Thank you!