Raie wrote on 12 February 2020
- MERRY CHRISTMAS - milotic08, ekans15, growlithe20, arcanine10, cloyster16, cloyster17, ekans19, arbok13, arcanine11, cloyster18, milotic09, milotic10, ekans20, cosmog12
- Update (Jan 02) - camerupt01, camerupt02, gabite03, gabite04, mightyena05, mightyena06, shiinotic07, shiinotic08, victini09, wynaut10
- Jirachi Wishes (Whitney) - victini10, victini11, shiinotic09, shiinotic10
- ROARING 20s - growlithe18, growlithe19, ekans13, arbok08, litten16, ekans14, gible01, gible20, glaceon07, seaking13
Lex wrote on 23 January 2020
New Decks: mightyena04, mightyena12, camerupt10, gabite11, gabite19, victini08, victini18, wynaut03, wynaut16, shiinotic11

Freebies (ROARING 20S): misdreavus04, pumpkaboo03, kangaskhan02, misdreavus05, vulpix12, kangaskhan04, igglybuff01, pumpkaboo12, vulpix20, espurr02

Freebies (MERRY CHRISTMAS): pumpkaboo06, misdreavus20, charmander02, charmander03, jynx10, cleffa16, shuppet04, bulbasaur02, litwick05, kangaskhan06, litten15, mew06, buneary13, snivy18

Wish (Extra Pulls): mightyena07, mightyena19, camerupt17, victini02
Jun wrote on 11 January 2020
Update: victini01, victini02, gabite01, gabite02, mightyena05, wynaut14, wynaut04, shiinotic17, camerupt13, camerupt01
Donated/Made: camerupt14, gabite12, wynaut09

ROARING 20s: nidorino06, nidorino07, chimchar18, chimchar19, cyndaquil11, nidoranm03, tepig03, tepig20, nidoranm10, shaymin04
MERRY CHRISTMAS: machamp18, tepig08, nidoranm01, nidoranm02, shaymin05, machamp19, shaymin11, nidorino09, nidoranm15, shaymin07, victini03, magikarp05, magikarp20, yungoos03
Jirachi's Wishes: gabite07, gabite12, victini04, victini05, Full Restore, Puffin Pack.
Kayori wrote on 08 January 2020
New Decks: camerupt13, gabite10, gabite19, mightyena12, mightyena15, shiinotic04, victini02, victini07, wynaut13, wynaut14

R: charmander11
O: torchic07
A: charmander12
R: torchic08
I: tepig11
N: fennekin07
G: tepig12

2: litten12
0: fennekin08
S: squirtle05

M: charmander13
E: tepig14
R: charmander14
R: charmander15
Y: typhlosion05

C: torchic09
H: torchic10
R: torchic11
I: tepig19
S: zebstrika06
T: tepig20
M: mudkip02
A: zebstrika07
S: squirtle06

4 Extra: gabite07, mightyena13, victini06, wynaut09
Thank you!
Cici wrote on 07 January 2020
New Decks: mightyena01, mightyena02, gabite13, gabite02, camerupt03, camerupt14, shiinotic07, victini19, victini20, wynaut11

ROARING 20s: growlithe10, growlithe11, poochyena05, spinarak06, suicune13, poochyena06, pidgey10, rockruff20, suicune14

MERRY CHRISTMAS: mew05, eevee03, misdreavus05, arcanine08, mimikyu03, arcanine09, sandslash07, ariados05, quilava03, sandslash08, noibat05, moltres02, quilava04, sharpedo01

Wishes (Whitney): mightyena03, mightyena04, gabite20, victini20

Wishes (Kayori): Free Full Restore + Poffin Pack

Thank you!
Gaelle wrote on 03 January 2020
New Decks: camerupt11, camerupt12, wynaut11, wynaut12, mightyena07, mightyena08, gabite09, gabite10, victini01, victini02

(Wish/Whitney - 4 Bonus pulls) camerupt13, wynaut13, mightyena18, victini03
Gaelle wrote on 02 January 2020
(ROARING 20s) torchic06, torchic09, mawile06, darkrai07, mawile09, cyndaquil09, gastly06, darkrai20, cyndaquil10, gastly07

(MERRY CHRISTMAS) mawile10, mawile12, torchic13, darkrai08, psyduck15, cyndaquil11, torchic14, darkrai10, cyndaquil13, psyduck16, gastly08, mawile14, gastly09, psyduck17

(Wish/Kayori) + Free Full Restore & Poffin Pack from the PokeMart

Will come back for pulls & Whitney's wish. Thanks! <3
saya wrote on 02 January 2020
(i got it wrong, I already have gengar20, I would like to change it to gengar10; i am sorry my toddler is distracting me <<)
saya wrote on 02 January 2020
- New Decks: mightyena03, mightyena04, gabite03, gabite04, camerupt13, camerupt14, shiinotic17, victini13, wynaut15, wynaut19
- Jirachi Wishes:
(Whitney - 4 extra deck release pulls no more than two): gabite05, gabite06, mightyena16, mightyena17
(Kayori): Free Full Restore and Poffin Pack
- ROARING 20s:
charmeleon01, charmeleon03, charizard01, charizard03, diglett01, kangaskhan18, kangaskhan02, diglett12, gengar20, gastly17
charmeleon04, meowth01, charmeleon05, charmeleon06, gastly20, charizard12, kangaskhan04, charizard13, charizard14, kangaskhan07, gastly19, meowth02, nidoranf10, kangaskhan09

Thank you and happy new year!
Selena wrote on 02 January 2020
New Decks: victini03, victini04, victini05, victini08, camerupt19, camerupt20, wynaut19, wynaut20, mightyena05, mightyena06
ROARING 20s: growlithe07, frogadier09, lapras04, lapras05, celebi13, sandshrew04, growlithe08, piplup20, frogadier10, sandshrew06
MERRY CHRISTMAS: mimikyu12, celebi14, frogadier11, frogadier12, sylveon04, celebi16, growlithe09, frogadier13, celebi17, lapras06, growlithe10, mimikyu14, lapras08, lapras10
Jirachi's Wishes: + fullrestore, + poffinpack
Mio wrote on 02 January 2020
- MERRY CHRISTMAS: umbreon02, espeon11, porygon10, porygon13, porygon14, torracat06, mightyena13, torracat08, vulpix03, espeon13, torracat11, umbreon03, gastly04, espeon15
- ROARING 20s: porygon07, porygon09, torracat02, torracat05, vulpix01, espeon08, gastly02, eevee20, eevee04, espeon10
- NEW DECKS: mightyena11, mightyena12, wynaut17, wynaut18, victini06, victini07 (6/10)
Hotaru wrote on 02 January 2020
New Decks: victini01, victini20, wynaut01, wynaut20, camerupt05, camerupt15, gabite13, gabite03, mightyena10, mightyena11
Update (Roaring 20's): froakie01, goldeen06, komala03, froakie03, togepi03, suicune03, goldeen08, seel20, seel05
Update (Merry Xmas): komala06, goldeen09, froakie11, froakie07, happiny19, suicune07, happiny15, marill04, togepi04, seel07, togepi05, komala09, froakie04, seel08
Jirachi (Whitney): victini02, victini19, wynaut02, wynaut19
Thank you so much! <3
Bun wrote on 02 January 2020
New Decks: camerupt01, camerupt02, gabite01, gabite02, victini01, victini02, mightyena01, mightyena02, wynaut01, wynaut02
Wishes (Whitney): camerupt17, camerupt18, gabite03, gabite04
Wishes (Kayori): 1x Full Restore, 1x Poffin Pack
Roaring 20s: staryu02, poliwhirl14, staryu03, poliwhirl15, uxie14, kangaskhan16, kangaskhan17, spinarak20, uxie07, spinarak19
Merry Christmas: moltres07, moltres08, moltres09, abra05, gastly02, corsola01, chinchou03, abra07, chinchou04, starmie05, starmie15, starmie03, corsola07, corsola12