Raie wrote on 12 February 2020
Update (Jan 31) - bounsweet01, bounsweet02, bounsweet03, drifblim04, drifblim05, drifblim06, phione07, phione08, phione09, slakoth10, wurmple11, stoutland12

Jirachi Wishes (Selena) - seel07, politoed04, vileplume17, pichu13, buneary18, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 grass candy

Jirachi Wishes (Hotaru) - ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost, water, water, water, water, water candies

Jirachie Wishes (POKEMON GO) - lampent05, articuno04, litwick06, lampent06, lampent07, articuno05, articuno08, gible02, glaceon08
Selena wrote on 11 February 2020
New Decks: bounsweet05, bounsweet06, bounsweet07, axew18, axew19, axew20, phione11, phione12, phione13, drifblim06, drifblim07, drifblim08
Happy Birthday: wigglytuff06, seviper19, turtwig14, charmander15, gabite04, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 normal candy
Choice Candies: +10 fire candy
POKEMON GO: piplup09, lucario10, combusken12, combusken13, combusken14, lucario12, brionne06, frogadier20, lucario13
Gaelle wrote on 07 February 2020
Took slakoth10, slakoth12, slakoth14 for my last 3 pulls ^.^
Lex wrote on 04 February 2020
New Decks: wurmple08, wurmple15, drifblim07, axew03, axew14, bounsweet16, hoothoot15, makuhita13, phione16, slakoth19, stoutland06, stoutland18

Happy Birthday (Wish 200131): mewtwo02, hoothoot10, voltorb17, mrmime01, meganium18, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 ghost candy

Wish (Candy): +10 fire candy

Wish (POKEMON GO): pumpkaboo10, pumpkaboo19, fennekin05, fennekin09, mew13, cottonee02, fennekin20, feraligatr09, cottonee18
Cas wrote on 04 February 2020
Also taking bounsweet08, bounsweet09, bounsweet11 (6/12)
Gaelle wrote on 03 February 2020
New Decks: bounsweet12, bounsweet13, bounsweet14, axew05, axew09, axew13, phione04, phione06, phione14 (9/12. I'll be back for the last 3)

(Wish/Selena - Birthday Rewards): Happy Birthday: sylveon01, combusken09, nidoking04, pheromosa14, flareon16, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 ghost candy

(Wish/Hotaru - 10 Candy) +5 ghost candy, +dark candy

(Wish/Whitney - POKEMON GO) purrloin02, riolu04, froakie08, fennekin06, mankey03, riolu05, cyndaquil19, gastly13, chikorita08
Bun wrote on 03 February 2020
almost forgot about my pulls! xD

New Decks: bounsweet03, bounsweet04, bounsweet10, slakoth18, slakoth19, slakoth20, hoothoot02, axew03, axew05, makuhita02, wurmple19, wurmple20
todoke wrote on 02 February 2020
Jan 31 Update: axew03, axew08, bounsweet03, bounsweet15, hoothoot05, hoothoot19, drifblim05, drifblim13, phione05, phione08, slakoth02, slakoth10, stoutland04, stoutland18

Wishes Selena: tyrogue16, quilava11, prinplup10, bunnelby16, abra12, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 flying candy
Wishes Hotaru: +10 fire candy
Wishes Whitney: P-pikachu02 O-glaceon03 K-pikachu03 E-charmander02 M-charmander03 O-glaceon04 N-charmander04 G-glaceon02 O-charmeleon11
Cas wrote on 02 February 2020
New Decks: slakoth07, slakoth08, slakoth05 (3/12)
Happy Birthday: zubat11, azelf04, whimsicott06, spheal06, axew20, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 steel candy
Wishes (Hotaru): 10 water candy
POKEMON GO: popplio06, popplio16, psyduck02, clefairy02, ampharos05, popplio02, giratina07, giratina05, ampharos09
Nejana wrote on 01 February 2020
Jirachi Wish (Selena): Birthday Rewards: poliwrath08, shaymin06, butterfree13, koffing14, rhydon17, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 poison candy
Jirachi Wish (Hotaru): 10 psychic candy
Jirachi Wish (Whitney): espeon03, espeon04, mimikyu01, fennekin19, mawile05, flareon16, fennekin20, diglett01, flareon17
New Decks: phione01, phione02, phione03, bounsweet04, bounsweet05, slakoth06, slakoth07, hoothoot08, drifblim09, drifblim10, axew11, axew12
saya wrote on 01 February 2020
error! I put something that doesn't exist lol

sandile01 changing to diglett03
saya wrote on 01 February 2020
New decks: bounsweet01, bounsweet02, drifblim10, drifblim15, phione05, phione17, axew10, axew11, wurmple04, wurmple13, stoutland10, stoutland13

Wishes: everyone to grab birthday rewards (got incineroar05, vaporeon14, snorlax07, donphan17, altaria01, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 flying candy) / everyone to take 10 choice candy (all fire) / cards spelling "POKEMON GO" 3 max per deck (pidgey05, charmeleon16, chikorita02, sandile01, charmeleon17, nidoranf11, charmeleon20, gastly03, meowth03)
Hotaru wrote on 01 February 2020
- Jirachi (Whitney): happiny10, oshawott02, komala10, seel12, komala12, oshawott03, happiny11, togepi18, oshawott19
- Jirachi (Hotaru): 10 water candy
- Jirachi (Selena): Happy Birthday: omastar04, clamperl18, raichu06, aron02, frillish15, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 fairy candy
- New Decks: axew01, axew20, bounsweet01, bounsweet20, phione01, phione20, hoothoot05, drifblim10, makuhita15, slakoth20, stoutland05, wurmple10

Thank you! <3
Bun wrote on 31 January 2020
Wishes (Selena): Happy Birthday: arceus07, zigzagoon01, diancie12, wobbuffet11, delibird02, +1 choice coupon, +20 stardust, +1 grass candy
Wishes (Hotaru): +10 water candy
Wishes (Whitney): (Pokemon Go) politoed07, politoed08, electrike12, politoed19, charmeleon19, charmeleon20, charmeleon04, growlithe17, drowzee17

be back for my pulls later! thank you for your hard work! :D