Bun's Mini Masteries

Create small monthly themes for rewards!
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Bun's Mini Masteries

Post by Bun » Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:40 am

Name: Bun
Post: boop
Theme: Birds

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11.11 Trade with Nejana: altaria13
29.11 Azumarill's Reflection: articuno05
30.11 Trade with Lex: blaziken01
15.11 Azumarill's Reflection: dartrix18
29.11 Someone's PC: dodrio04
11.11 Trade with Nejana: doduo06
29.11 Hang-Ten: farfetchd15
29.11 Who's That Pokemon: fearow15
07.11 PokeCenter: golduck03
30.11 Trade with Lex: murkrow05
02.11 Jirachi's Wishes: natu08
30.11 Trade with Lex: pidgeot09
29.11 D I T T O: pidgeotto11
29.11 Monster Mash: piplup13
03.11 Trade with Nejana: spearow07
03.11 Trade with Nejana: starly01
07.11 D I T T O: swablu15
29.11 Hang-Ten: torchic02
04.11 Stampcard Rewards: xatu02
02.11 Jirachi's Wishes: zapdos03
Choice Cards: magikarp19, magby09
Image for Badge: https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/7/74 ... ates44.jpg

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Re: Bun's Mini Masteries

Post by Samu » Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:52 am

Here you go, please let me know if youd like something changed.

Mini-Mastery (Bird Pokemon): magikarp19, magby09, misdreavus18, venusaur07, sylveon16, +20 stardust

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