Trainer's Manual

World of Victory Road


Masteries & Element Candies

When dealing with mastering Pokemon evolutions, you will be required to use element candies. There are 18 different element candies that can be used to evolve your Pokemon, which correspond with the 18 types of Pokemon. Please keep this information in mind:
  • When mastering a basic Pokemon deck, such as Squirtle or Ponyta, the candies are not needed.
  • If you are mastering a higher stage Pokemon like Wartortle or Rapidash, you must have already mastered the basic Pokemon and have the correct amount of element candies before you can master the higher evolutions.
  • When mastering a deck that has a baby Pokemon in its evolution line (such as Magmar or Jinx), you must first mastery the baby deck (Magby or Smoochum), then you can master the basic Pokemon deck with the correct amount of candies.

Evolution Candies

  • To master a 2nd tier pokemon you need 25 candies of the element of the pokemon you're mastering.
  • To master a 3rd tier pokemon you need 50 candies of the element of the pokemon you're mastering.
  • For Dual type Pokemon - You can mix the candies to match both of their types, or just use one type.