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New Members: No new trainers this week!
Level Ups: Anna, Astral, Haylee, Lex, Shiranna, Whitney (Level 1 -> Level 2)
Games: Weekly, Bi-Weekly Set A, Monthly

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 8. Max two cards per deck.
Deckmakers/donators can take 1 extra card from any deck they created/donated


It's Samu here this week! I finished adding all of the Gym Battles guidelines and stuff to the info page, so feel to start on those. Keep in mind it is an activity that takes up alot of time, so we may not be able to respond to everyone too quickly! I look forward to the game, let me know your feedback on it please!

New members, don't forget to join the forums and apply for your starter kit and prejoin bonus pack. Once you've uploaded both of those, along with your original joining pack, PM Jessica on the forums, and I'll get your account approved!You will also not be approved if your links are not up to date, so please make sure everything is good to go before joining! I don't think I forgot anything this week, if I did Jess will probably be around to fix it!

I just have 1 event card for you guys this week!25 Members event!


Jirachi had a wonderful nap and is feeling quite giddy!
Trainer Nea wished for 2 cards from electric type pokemon! (No restrictions!)
Trainer Jessica wished for cards spelling out "PREJOIN"! (No more than 2 per deck!)
Trainer Mosur wished for 5 Random Candies for everyone! Please go here and take the first 5 at the bottom!


☆ Samu

8 Jan 18
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