I choose you; an on time update maybe?

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You may take a total card worth of 8. Max two cards per deck. (Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


Woops, I thought Jess would do an update sorry for this one being kind of late! I only have 1 other off day this week besides today, so maybe I will change the updates to maybe just biweekly updates? That seems kind of long though, so let me know your opinions! I sometimes am too tired on my 1 off day to do anything but sleep haha.

I removed who wants to battle for now since I find that game too troublesome to update when I have to update all of the other ones as well. I will possibly be moving it to the monthly category instead and thinking of a game to swap it out!

I do not have any event cards made for you today and I just wanted to note that I am too busy to change the rewards for the games, so for the time being they are going to stay as is! I don't think anyone is leveling up or mastering crazy fast so we should be okay on that front so far. Our MOTW has started and our first Trainer chosen is JUN! Don't forget to grab your reward from the sidebar!! That's all I have to say for now and I will be moving onto the forums shortly. See you hopefully next weekend!


Jirachi is feeling all powerful today!
Trainer Jun wished for a bug/grass release! (there you go, all pkm released have atleast 1 of those types!)
Trainer Shiranna wished for cards spelling out WISHES! (MAX 2 per deck!!)
Trainer lEX wished for 2 choice starter pokemon cards for everyone! (no restictions on deck but MUST be a starter pokemon)
That really wore Jirachi out...time for a long nap it seems...

☆ Samu

12 Feb 18
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