New Members: Amanda - welcome to VR!
Level Up: Amber (level 1 -> level 3), Lex (level 2 -> level 3)
Masteries: Mio (zorua, porygon)
Games: Weekly, Bi-Weekly B

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 8. Only two cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


Didn't expect to see me so soon? Well I'm back! I took today off of work because I wasn't feeling well so figured I could post an update while I have time!
I did get to most of the forum stuff and will be adding the new features tonight that I mentioned last week. I'm going to be allowing donations (mostly screencap donations) and possibly hiring forum help since I should have done so earlier tbh!

On that note please give a warm welcome to Jun who will be helping with deck making, game rounds and forum stuff! I needed another set of hands and hers fit pretty well, so please be nice(ish) to her! Trainer spotlight will also not be changing this week since I usually update biweekly!

Also I forgot to mention I will be doing an activity/member check probably sometime this week, so if you have not updated since February 15th I will be moving you to hiatus! If you are sitting on the pending in the memberslist this will apply to you as well since the only way you are still sitting there is if you have not signed up on the forums or registered.


Jirachi is feeling kind of sleepy today!
Trainer Jesh wished for choice cards spelling out Sinnoh (max 2 per deck!)
Trainer Kupo wished for 2 choice eeveelution cards for everyone!(no limits!)
That really wore Jirachi out...time for a long nap it seems...

☆ Samu

12 Mar 18
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