Closing down!


Hi guys, sorry for the delayed activity here! I'm currently VERY busy in my personal life and just haven;t really had time to run a TCG properly. With that being said, I know summer is usually a spike in TCG activity BUT for me that is not the case!

Jess and I have decided to close VR for the time being. Im not putting it on an indefinite hiatus because honestly it deserves better than that, also I'm not sure when I will be available to run it again. I simply have too many projects going on and not enough dedication to focus on this TCG in particular. Activity has also not picked up any since the summer months, so there simply is no need for me to keep it open. I hope you guys understand! The site will remain up for awhile longer, but may be taken down if Jessica needs it to be! Thank you all for playing VR! I hope we can play again in the future!
But most of all GOOD LUCK out there trainers!

☆ Samu

8 Jun 18
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