We\'re here!

At the moment we are closing/removing all joining forms, as Pre-prejoin has closed! We are preparing ourselves/the site for prejoin at the moment and should be opening up within the new couple of weeks for the prejoin phase!

At this time, if you're not part of the original 18 members that are listed on the site now, PLEASE DO NOT try to join the forum and get packs. That is only for our pre-prejoining members at this time! They will be registration will open back up once we have accomplished what we want with the site!

The three of us are still trying to settle on some design/activity things, but I'm allowing people to join the site, forum, and our discord server! Please do not touch anything else besides on the forum besides the starter pack bonus, prejoin bonus, and rejoiner bonus (If you're a rejoiner) threads.

If you're a returning member from our last run, you may apply for all three! If you're new here, you can apply for the starter pack and prejoin bonus threads. It's time to start your Pokemon journey! Are you ready...?

☆ Jessica

28 Jul 19
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