Prejoin Time!

After two crazy weeks, I think we're finally ready to open this up to you all again! I will be adding and unlocking games/activities a little bit later today once I'm a little bit more free Games are now up! Feel free to play from all categories this week (Weekly, Bi-weekly A, Bi-weekly B, and Monthly). Please do not play the games if your account is still pending! You will need to apply for your packs, etc, and have them uploaded before you are fully free to participate in games/activities! You all are free to donate/suggest decks anytime! I will also be setting up a thread for our Discord freebies for whoever answered the question pinned. The question is open/free for whoever wants to answer for some extra cards :)

I will be adding event cards to this post a little bit later today as well, so be on the look out for those being posted! These have also now been added! Feel free to take and log these below. Be sure to comment on here when taking them.

ev-prejoin, ev-201908
If your also re-joining, then you can go ahead and claim this event card as well!

Those of you who have joined during Pre-prejoin and want to change your starter Pokemon, you can swap it out here!

For those who are just joining us or joined during Pre-prejoin and haven't grabbed them yet, please join the forum to receive your starter pack bonus, prejoin bonus, and rejoiner bonus (If you're a rejoiner) threads.

If you're a returning member from our last run, you may apply for all three! If you're new here, you can apply for the starter pack and prejoin bonus threads.

It's time to start your Pokemon journey! Are you ready...?

☆ Jessica

14 Aug 19
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