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New Members: Jessica, Jun, Samu, aeon, Alecks, Bunny, Cami, Chives, Christina, Cici, Haylee, Holly, Hotaru, Joey, Lex, LyAnn, Mari, Michelle, Mio, Naomi, Nejana, Nessa, Nicolie, osaka, Rue, SasuraUchiha, Selena, Shinya, Whitney, Zephie - welcome!
Referrals: Jessica (x12), Mio, Bunny, Holly, Jun, Cami, Zephie, Christina (x01) - You can find your rewards here!
Level Up: None this week!
Masteries: None this week!
Games: Weekly, Bi-Weekly Set A

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 10. Max 2 cards per deck.
(Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they created)


Welcome to Prejoin folks! We're all super excited to see all of you here and ready to play. I've literally been exhausted from moving into a new house, so this will be a short update from me. I have fixed all of the games that needed modifications, which means that Pokemon Contest now works and is available on site, wooo.

I will be finally setting up a randomizer for our discord freebies question, so I'll edit this update once I have done that. If I forget anything, I'm sure Jun and I will be editing this update to include it!

I also have a few event cards for you all!

ev-10members, ev-20members, ev-30members


Jirachi is feeling a little worn out today!
Trainer Jess wished for card spelling out MOVING OUT! - max 1 card per deck
Trainer Haylee wished for cards spelling out RE-OPEN! - max 1 card per deck
Trainer chives wished for everyone to have a candy of their choice! - take a candy of your choice and log it
That really wore Jirachi out...time for a long nap it seems...

☆ Jessica

27 Aug 19
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