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Happy December! It's already the 2nd! Can you guys believe how fast this year is flying by...honestly I'm still stuck in like October lol. I'm bringing you a pretty short update today since our forums are still under construction. Seems to be some kinda database issue and we're working on getting it fixed! Sorry its taking so long. Stay tuned and we will also have a lil mini-Christmas treat for you guys soon!!

I do have an event card for you guys along with a new MOTM! Feel free to snag the December card below. :)


ANDDD our MOTM for December is.......Becca!

Please do not forget to grab your goodies from the sidebar!


Jirachi is feeling pretty energetic today!
Trainer LyAnn wished for card spelling out "HOLYDAY" - limit 2 per deck!
Trainer Bun wished for 11 choice candies for November! - no limits take whatever candies you want!
That really wore Jirachi out...time for a long nap it seems...

☆ Samu

2 Dec 19
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