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Level Up: Cas Level 1 - > Level 2, Cas Level 2 - > Level 3, Bun, Lex Level 5 - > Level 6, Masteries: Cici (suicune, poochyena), Nejana (fennekin, gastly, charizard), Lex (kangaskhan, fennekin, misdreavus, pumpkaboo, cottonee, vulpix)
Games: Weekly, Bi-Weekly Set B, Monthly

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 10. Max 2 cards per deck.
(Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they created)


Happy February! Although its the 5th, this is a dual monthly update and normal update! That means the Bi-weekly Set A and Monthly set have been updated. Along with that, there is also a new Trainer Spotlight! So, Congratulations to Kayori!!

If you can, please PM/DM Samu on either the forums or discord with an image that you would want to use for the MotM ev-card!

We haven't had any event cards in a while either, so here are a couple right now :3 Be sure to grab them all!

ev-50members, ev-202001, ev-202002, ev-adventcalendar, ev-dynamaxbattles, ev-samubday


Jirachi feels like a a goofball today
Trainer Whitney I wish for choice cards spelling LEGENDARY. (Max two per deck)
Trainer Jun wished for porygon2 to be released.
That really wore Jirachi out...time for a long nap it seems...

☆ Jun

5 Feb 20
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