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Regarding all the rules and requirements for earning badges, please read here on the info page of the TCG!
So you've decided to take up the task of battling a Gym Leader? Aren't you brave - BUT be warned they are no easy opponents!
To battle a gym leader and earn their badge you must complete a small list of requirements or achievements!
The achievements vary depending on which Leader you challenge, so please review them either by clicking above !

As you progress through the leagues, some gym leaders may require a little MORE out of you besides just battling them and taking their badges! Be prepared for anything - thats the point of challenging a Gym Leader!

There is a small amount of guidelines to follow when facing a gym leader:
  • You can decide to complete the main badge challenge or the Gym Leader challenge - either one will earn you rewards but the Leader Challenge will grant you extra rewards.
  • Some gyms have different guidelines for their achievements, make sure you read them all!
  • You may only earn each badge ONCE, but may complete the achievements however many times you wish.
  • Cards/decks used to complete achievements may not be RE-used to complete achievements of the same badge! (ie: you master misty's line up and earn her badge, you must master all of the decks AGAIN to use any of them to complete the challenge again, even if you go for the regular achievement!)
  • When you're ready to turn in those achievements, please use the form provided below and make your own thread titled "Trainer Name's Gym Badges"

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[b]Badge Earned:[/b]
[b]Achievement Accomplished:[/b] (please write out the whole achievement that you're turning in! This includes links to the mastery rewarded!)

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