Come claim eggs to hatch or drop off a friend for future trainers!
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Post by Jessica » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:37 pm

Hi guys, welcome to the Daycare! Here we have different Pokemon eggs that are up for grabs every couple of weeks.
  • You may grab 2 eggs per week and are not allowed to take anymore until those 2 have hatched! We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to grab their mon!
  • Once you've hatched atleast 2 eggs, you're welcome to come back and grab 2 more until you have a party of 6.
  • Tasks/Steps/EXP do NOT count towards an egg if they were completed PRIOR to you claiming that egg. The only exception to this is if you completed tasks during PREJOIN (before September 24th), then you can use those tasks towards current eggs.
Once you reach the party of 6 and you want a different pokemon, you will either have to;
  1. Breed the Pokemon here at the Daycare for a chance at a shiny egg! (You will NOT recieve the Pokemon back but you will be able to recieve a shiny for your chosen mon if successful, possibly recieve another egg in return or nothing will happen!)
  2. Release the Pokemon into the wild, where it may or may never be seen again!
  3. Purchase a PC storage box that you can store up to 25 pokemon in.
  4. Retire the pokemon to your PC (where you may NOT take it out again and steps/exp reduce to 000.) (This is NOT the STORAGE box this is just your PC. You do not have to purchase this it is available from the start and you can simply put your pokemon on your post elsewhere!)
Once any pokemon is added to a PC box it's EXP/Steps are reduced to 0. This is to keep track of all mons since most trainers will have multiple things going on at once. We do not advise using the box until you are ready to set the mon aside.

Hatching the eggs require Footsteps, and to earn Footsteps you will need to complete small tasks! # of Footsteps needed to hatch an egg are always randomized along with the eggs, so your footsteps count will vary depending on which eggs you grab.

You can complete any series or order of tasks to equal your needed footsteps for hatching and once it is ready to be hatched, please drop your egg off in your own nursery so Breeder Jun or Breeder Samu can check your status. There they will handle the hatching and give you your newly aquired friend! You can view the footsteps chart below which will tell you what tasks are counted towards footsteps.

Once you hatch a mon and want to continue to level the mon for evolution, your steps will count towards the mon's exp! If you do not want to evolve a mon you may use the steps towards another egg/mon. This option is only for those wanting to evolve their eggs further then chancing to get the evolution from an egg!

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