January Mini Mastery

Create small monthly themes for rewards!
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January Mini Mastery

Post by Samu » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:04 am

Welcome to Mini Mastery! This is where you can build your very own mini themed deck and turn it in for rewards! There are a few simple guidelines to follow so please make sure you read them, as they may change monthly!

We're doing a Snow theme for January! You can find some guidelines below, but you are welcome to bring cards that fit the theme instead of set ones this time.
  1. You must own the cards you use for your theme.
  2. You must move the cards from your trading section but have them displayed so we can check the cards.
  3. You will lose the cards you submit for the theme.
  4. You will receive a custom badge for the theme! Please choose an official image that fits with the theme.
  5. The deck must consist of 20 cards chosen that fit the theme.
  6. The card must contain either snow, ice pokemon or white/light blue to fit in with our theme!
  7. You can only use a deck ONCE in your chosen theme.
  8. You can only use cards gained between 1/1/2020 - 1/31/2020.
You will receive 2 choice cards, 20 stardust and 3 random cards for completing the theme!

When you're ready to turn in your theme, use the form below and create a thread titled "Player's Mini Masteries"

Code: Select all

[b]Cards:[/b] (please post card images along with card log under them.)
[b]Choice Cards:[/b] (2)
[b]Image for Badge:[/b]

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