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If you have any generic questions you would like to ask, please post them here!
  • Can we trade candies with other players? - Yes, candies can be swapped out with other members! Gifting candies is also an option. They are not considered a currency, just required for mastering decks. We may also incorporate element candy purchases in the shop!
  • If a Pokemon is dual type, which candies can I use to master it? - If a Pokemon is dual type, you can use it's primary type candies, it's secondary type candies, OR a combination of both!

    For example, if you're mastering Marshtomp, you can turn in 25 water candies OR 25 ground candies OR a mixture of both water and ground candies.
  • For the trainer deck requirement to max donations for 4 months, does that include link buttons? - Depending on how many buttons you donate within your first month, buttons have a possibility of being a one-time donation. If you donate all 10 buttons within the first month along with badges and stampcards, you have maxed your donations for the month. For the next 3 months, to max donations all you would have to do is donate badges and stampcards. As long as you have donated 10 buttons within the 4 months, those count as maxing button donations
  • Mastering at least 3 different three-tier Pokemon evolution lines? - This means you have to master decks with three Pokemon in the line up (ex. Bulbasaur ->Ivysaur -> Venusaur, Charmander ->Charmeleon -> Charizard, Squirtle -> Wartortle ->Blastoise). You must master all three evolution lines before you can apply for this card in your Trainer Deck. That means you must master nine total decks before applying for the card! You can pick any Pokemon evolution line as long as they have three evolutions!
  • What happens if we complete a deck that's in the middle of an evolution line, but the base evolution hasn't been released? - Unfortunately, you would have to wait until the base Pokemon was released, and then master it once it is released. Once you've mastered the base Pokemon and you have enough candies saved up, you can master that middle Pokemon!
  • Trainer Deck - Would an Alolan pokemon and regular pokemon be considered the same pokemon or different? - Yes, they would be considered the same Pokemon, but we never specified if you could have duplicate Pokemon or not, so if you want the original and Alolan forms of a Pokemon in your Trainer Deck, we will allow it!
  • What about remasteries? - We do not allow remasteries here at VR! In order to master Pokemon chains with branches (ie. Eevee, Tyrogue), you will need to master the base Pokemon and then purchase a Ditto Token at the shop for 500 stardust! You will be required to purchase a Ditto Token every time you want to master a Pokemon within that multi-branch chain. The Ditto Token also works with Pokemon lines that have multiple evolution paths such as Slowpoke, Poliwag, Ralts, etc)
  • What about evolution lines with special items? - I have decided not to include evolution items (ex. Metal Coat, King's Rock, Fire Stone, etc.) into the games. It's less to keep track of since we already have 21 or so items already. You will just have to have the correct about of element candies to evolve your Pokemon!

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