Help your team battle a boss for big rewards!
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Post by Samu » Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:59 pm

So you've decided to take up the task of battling a legendary huh? Well I hope you've got a strong team because this is NOT gonna be easy!
Image Each month there will be a new legendary or trainer to battle here at the Dynamax Battle! You can your fellow Trainers can gang up and help defeat the pokemon or trainer for great rewards! There's a few guidelines, so make sure you read them below before you start battling!

There is a small amount of guidelines to follow when battling against a Dyna-maxed Pokemon:
  • You can use any cards you like as long as you own the card. You will NOT lose the cards you play but they must be put aside on your tradepost until the round is over!
  • Certain pokemon or trainers have weaknesses, if you use a card with their weakness it will DOUBLE the amount of damage you do! (ie: if a trainers weakness is thunder and you play pikachu20 you will do 40 DMG to the trainer! The enemy you battle will always have 1 or 2 types, so if you can hit atleast 1 type you will do double damage!)
  • You may only use a deck ONCE per round. (This is PER PLAYER, meaning others can use the same deck; you just cannot use it again!)
  • You must wait until there are 3 other players before you can play again!
  • If the boss is completed BEFORE the month is over then players who pariticpated will recieve an extra bonus!
  • The player who did the most DMG to the boss will recieve a bonus at the end of each round!
  • After 40 turns the Pokemon will unleash an ultimate attack, which will deal a set amount of points and will heal itself.
You can use the form below to post against the Dynamax Battle Boss, although it will also be in each post!

Code: Select all

[b]Card Using (image):[/b]
[b]Damage Done[/b] (if you are recieving a weakness effect, remember its DOUBLE damage!)

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