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Donation Guildelines!

Post by Jessica » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:19 pm

You can find a run down of donation info here!

Link Buttons;
  • Buttons must be 88x31 or 100x35 pixels
  • Save the file as button-yourname#.png (Example: button-jess01.png)
  • You are only allowed to donate 10 link buttons (15 prejoin) total
  • Send the buttons in a zip/ file.
  • Reward: 1 regular random card per button.
Level Badges;
  • Badges must be 200x100 pixels
  • Save the badges as membername[level #] (Example: jess01.png)
  • You are only allowed to donate 1 set of badges per month.
  • Badges must use official artwork only. (No fanart!)
  • Badges must say Victory Road and levels must be legible.
  • Send them in a zip/ file.
  • Reward: 5 regular random cards, 15 stardust per set.
Stamp Cards;
  • Stampcards must be 195x130 pixels and have 20 boxes
  • Save it as stampcard-yourname#.png (Example: stampcard-jess01.png)
  • You are only allowed to donate 1 set a month. 1 set is 5 cards.
  • Send the stampcards in a zip/ file.
  • Reward: 1 regular random card per stamp card, 5 stardust
Deck Images;
  • Images must be above 300 x 300 (the bigger the better)
  • You may donate only screencaps for now
  • You may donate a max of 5 decks per month
  • Save/upload the images in a zip file
  • Reward: 5 regular random card per set, maxing out will grant you a choice card.

When you are ready to donate, please make a thread titles "MYNAME's Donations."
Post in your thread every time you donate, thank you!

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