Head here when youre ready to level up!
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Post by Jessica » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:27 pm

Once you're ready to level up, please make a new thread in the Level Ups thread named "[Your Name]'s Levels". Every time you want to move up a level, fill out the form below and post it in your thread! The level names and requirements can be found here

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[b]Card Post:[/b] 
[b]Current Level:[/b] 
[b]New Level:[/b] 
[b]Choice Cards:[/b]
*Please make sure your posts are updated BEFORE you post.
ie: if you're waiting on masteries to be rewarded so you can hit the level mark, wait until AFTER you've recieved your reward to post since you wouldn't be at the mark until AFTER you are rewarded.

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