Bun's Stampcards

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Bun's Stampcards

Post by Bun » Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:12 am

Card Post: boop
Logs: same page
Completed Stampcards: 2
Trades: Please include your trade log in between code tags! You can also provide your stampcard image below if you'd like!

Code: Select all

11.11.2019 ------------
- (100) Traded Jessica: my aerodactyl19, cloyster19, kingdra04, octillery06, omastar10, salamence03 for horsea18, lapras09, poliwhirl20, staryu06, moltres04, moltres16
- (94) Traded Samu: my swablu19, goomy13, goomy20, lillipup07, miltank18, rowlet17, vaporeon05, vaporeon16 for abra09, elekid15, magby10, magby16, staryu04, staryu09, staryu12, magikarp12
- (86) Traded Becca: my pyukumuku17, pyukumuku18, mc-Bun for poliwag14, luvdisc20, mc-Becca
- (83) Traded julia: my poliwrath04, poliwrath12, scraggy08, turtwig13 for lapras13, togepi14, togepi20, elekid04

10.11.2019 ------------
- (79) Traded Mari: my mc-Bun, banette16, froakie12, kingdra03, raikou17, sableye02, turtwig12, volcarona11, bayleef01, butterfree10, butterfree17, wartortle04, metapod12 for mc-Mari, magikarp18, abra15, magby14, staryu20, spinarak07, elekid18, onix11, onix15, mimejr01, mimejr13, chinchou05, chinchou10
- (66) Traded Lex: my dratini04, feraligatr18 for horsea12, psyduck11

09.11.2019 ------------
- (64) Traded Selena: my dewott05, dewott06, greninja05, greninja06 for poliwag16, staryu11, magby08, magby20
Total Completed: 5
Choice Card: poliwag11

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Re: Bun's Stampcards

Post by Jessica » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:02 pm

Stampcard: muk13, tyranitar16, kadabra20, miltank03, +1 ice candy

Stampcard: poliwag11, venipede06, slowbro16, lanturn10, tentacool07, +1 psychic candy

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Re: Bun's Stampcards

Post by Bun » Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:53 pm

Card Post: boop
Logs: same page
Completed Stampcards: 5
Trades: Please include your trade log in between code tags! You can also provide your stampcard image below if you'd like!

Code: Select all

21.12.2019 ------------
- (200) Traded Haylee: my combee15, combee20, lillipup05, altaria16, blastoise10, cinccino06 for seedot09, seedot10, elekid08, elekid14, onix08, bellsprout18

15.12.2019 ------------
- (194) Traded Jessica: my blaziken05, gyarados11, joltik09, joltik17, pinsir08, quagsire17, salamence04, seadra10, seadra12, spoink09, umbreon11, wooper01 for cottonee16, bellsprout03, bellsprout07, bellsprout10, bellsprout16, gible17, geodude02, geodude13, geodude19, magnemite09, magnemite14, mudkip03
- (182) Traded Jun: my machamp09, feraligatr12, froakie10, shaymin08, typhlosion10, weedle16 for seedot12, seedot18, elekid03, elekid12, kangaskhan20, onix10

13.12.2019 ------------
- (176) Traded Selena: my skiddo06, skiddo17, azelf13, deerling10, greninja16, zoroark16, torracat04, lapras09 for arceus01, arceus02, croagunk01, croagunk02, electrike01, electrike02, wobbuffet01, wobbuffet02
- (168) Traded Samu: my flabebe20, frillish19, snorlax11, stufful03, stufful20, teddiursa02 for uxie20, seedot01, seedot13, seedot20, poliwhirl18, onix18
- (162) Traded Lex: my cleffa03, munchlax17, poliwag15, zigzagoon18, zigzagoon19, bayleef06, blastoise19, chandelure13, lampent09, slowbro19, wartortle02, wigglytuff11 for corsola11, uxie04, uxie13, seedot04, seedot11, mimejr14, charmander08, charmander12, elekid16, mewtwo15, onix14, spinarak05
- (150) Traded Hotaru: my happiny18, suicune04, tyrogue02 for uxie15, uxie17, kangaskhan10

09.12.2019 ------------
- (147) Traded Gaelle: my caterpie10, darkrai17, poochyena07, charmander05 for uxie05, uxie06, whimsicott05, whimsicott06

05.12.2019 ------------
- (143) Traded Jun: my yungoos09, yungoos12, banette08, dewott11, frogadier02, weedle07 for moltres05, charmander15, uxie12, kangaskhan13, luvdisc11, lapras08
- (137) Traded Gaelle: my litwick13, torchic11, butterfree04, glaceon11, hitmonlee10, mankey11, primeape07, primeape17, diancie04 for bonsly13, gible10, seedot14, seedot15, seedot19, mew04, sandshrew17, politoed05, politoed18

02.12.2019 ------------
- (128) Traded Joey: my golem11, jigglypuff09, jigglypuff17 for magby13, togepi02, onix19

01.12.2019 ------------
- (125) Traded Selena: my togekiss03, togekiss04, shinx03, shinx04 for whimsicott03, whimsicott04, magikarp08, poliwhirl17

30.11.2019 ------------
- (121) Traded Lex: my entei08, purrloin02, blastoise03, blissey09, blissey13, blissey17, brionne15, swoobat08, swoobat20 for blaziken01, golduck03, pidgeot09, murkrow05, onix07, onix20, zubat09, zubat11, togetic20

19.11.2019 ------------
- (112) Traded Haylee: my stufful15, leafeon03, wartortle17, cherubi13, cherubi16, furfrou01, munna16, oshawott03 for poliwhirl10, poliwhirl11, poliwhirl13, spinarak06, bulbasaur07, luvdisc03, mimejr16, seel14
- (104) Traded Jun: my lairon05, lairon06, lairon07 for horsea08, horsea11, luvdisc07
- (111) Traded Jams: my magikarp01, joltik20 for politoed04, politoed14

18.11.2019 ------------
- (109) Traded Gaelle: my riolu11, riolu13 for poliwag17, kangaskhan14
- (107) Traded Hotaru: my tyrogue11, staryu12 for lapras07, lapras12

15.11.2019 ------------
- (105) Traded Haylee: my pumpkaboo20, beedrill18, cinccino07 for luvdisc05, abra02, abra04

11.11.2019 ------------
- (102) Traded Nejana: my natu14, xatu12 for altaria13, doduo06
Total Completed: 10
Choice Card: uxie11

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Re: Bun's Stampcards

Post by Samu » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:22 am

Such a cute stampcard ;_;

Stampcard: deino13, salamence01, poliwag02, sneasel13, +1 fairy candy

Stampcard: jellicent18, murkrow03, chansey20, shinx17, +1 fire candy

Stampcard: uxie11, tyranitar15, bayleef17, pheromosa08, kingler16, +1 poison candy

Stampcard: clefable11, mawile11, hitmonlee04, marshtomp17, +1 rock candy

Stampcard: exeggcute18, wooper16, dragonite19, seel13, +1 ghost candy

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Re: Bun's Stampcards

Post by Bun » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:06 pm

Card Post: boop
Logs: same page as above!
Completed Stampcards: 6
Trades: Please include your trade log in between code tags! You can also provide your stampcard image below if you'd like!

Code: Select all

14.01.2020 ------------
- (320) Traded Gaelle: my darkrai15, absol09, froakie19, horsea10 for numel17, numel18, sudowoodo17, sudowoodo18
- (316) Traded Markus: my bidoof01, bidoof02 for numel08, marshtomp02

13.01.2020 ------------
- (314) Traded Lex: my popplio01, purrloin14, shuppet11, skitty08, sneasel13, swablu15, altaria10, bidoof08, dedenne16, lampent10, poliwhirl09, poliwrath06, slowbro01, slowbro05, slowbro16, snorlax18, sylveon05, sylveon16, torracat18 for arceus11, ariados09, ariados10, ariados12, bellsprout15, croagunk15, electabuzz14, electabuzz20, electrike11, entei01, entei10, gastly11, voltorb11, voltorb15, mareep08, magmar01, magmar03, magmar06, politoed16

12.01.2020 ------------
- (295) Traded Nejana: my abra18, abra20, furfrou02, furfrou10 for seel06, charmeleon01, charmeleon03, charmeleon12
- (291) Traded Lex: my aron20, cosmog07, dedenne19, drifloon10, duskull07, minccino04, minun16, misdreavus17, misdreavus18, natu10, natu18, noibat03, noibat06, noibat09, piplup20, poliwag02, sableye03, sentret05, sentret10, snivy01, snivy10 for corsola18, spinarak17, bonsly11, bonsly14, diglett02, drampa11, drampa12, drowzee06, drowzee09, drowzee11, drowzee15, drowzee18, drowzee19, drowzee20, gyarados01, gyarados15, starmie06, starmie13, starmie20, lugia12, mewtwo11
- (270) Traded Jun: my dragonite19, greninja05, litleo14, rufflet03, rufflet04 for chinchou16, seel04, spinarak11, spinarak13, eevee03
- (265) Traded Mio: my raikou15, raikou16, snubbull16 for corsola16, charmeleon05, charmeleon17

11.01.2020 ------------
- (262) Traded Kayori: my bayleef17, turtwig13, turtwig14, typhlosion08 for numel13, numel14, sudowoodo13, sudowoodo14

10.01.2020 ------------
- (258) Traded saya: my gastly14, cosmog13, ditto01, mimikyu10, mc-Bun for numel16, numel15, sudowoodo16, sudowoodo15, mc-saya

09.01.2020 ------------
- (253) Traded Samu: my goomy10, chansey03, chansey16, chansey20, clefable11, mightyena05, milotic12, miltank15, poochyena07 for alakazam04, charizard03, charizard08, dewgong14, drowzee05, drowzee16, electabuzz18, kadabra15, meowth03

04.01.2020 ------------
- (244) Traded Gaelle: my chikorita14, chikorita17, espurr13, frillish17, drowzee14, growlithe09 for wynaut11, wynaut12, wynaut13, camerupt11, camerupt12, camerupt13

03.01.2020 ------------
- (238) Traded saya: my ditto08, ditto12, piplup11, riolu02 for wooper16, seel05, seel12, spinarak15

02.01.2020 ------------
- (234) Traded Mio: my mightyena01, mightyena02 for wynaut17, wynaut18
- (232) Traded Selena: my victini01, victini02, victini20, dragonite16 for wynaut19, wynaut20, camerupt19, camerupt20
- (228) Traded Jessica: my altaria18, mantine01, octillery13, octillery14 for wynaut15, wynaut16, camerupt15, camerupt16
- (224) Traded Whitney: my caterpie06, murkrow04, teddiursa14 for abra06, cottonee14, electabuzz07

30.12.2019 ------------
- (221) Traded Samu: my brionne15, jirachi04, oshawott16 for staryu04, politoed06, pidgey01

27.12.2019 ------------
- (218) Traded Gaelle: my gothita18, froakie11 for gulpin19, gulpin20

22.12.2019 ------------
- (216) Traded Hotaru: my cubchoo12, froakie20, minccino03, minun20, plusle15, suicune09 for seedot08, seedot03, magby18, gastly14, mewtwo03, mewtwo07

21.12.2019 ------------
- (210) Traded saya: my snivy10, umbreon04, onix20 for seedot07, chinchou08, electrike15
- (207) Traded Naomi: my dragonair07, drifloon04, drifloon20, glaceon15, misdreavus10, spheal03, spheal08 for lapras16, cottonee09, mewtwo08, lugia09, magnemite03, magnemite16, corsola02
Total Completed: 16
Choice Card: corsola17

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Re: Bun's Stampcards

Post by Jun » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:30 pm

Stampcard: rhydon16, mantine09, marill08, seadra08, +1 ice candy

Stampcard: litten08, treecko11, minun20, chikorita12, +1 normal candy

Stampcard: mightyena20, altaria19, rufflet19, litleo09, +1 dark candy

Stampcard: sudowoodo09, mimikyu17, skitty17, roselia02, +1 rock candy

Stampcard: corsola17, tyrogue02, natu05, ditto07, poliwrath01, +1 ghost candy

Stampcard: farfetchd08, roselia15, kingler05, togekiss20, +1 ground candy
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