Trainer Deck Guidelines!

Create your very own Pokemon party!
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Trainer Deck Guidelines!

Post by Jessica » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:24 pm

You can find the tasks below for creating your own trainer deck. You may submit them in any order you wish. Only official art may be used, no fanart! The images you use must be from the Pokemon TCG, games, or anime! You can see a sample deck here. Members are allowed to use the same colour scheme and ball as their member ID, or they can switch it up. All cards will be one colour scheme and one Poke ball!
  • Trainer Decks consist of 6 Pokemon
  • Only 1 Pokemon can be legendary, if you want one
  • You can mix/match Pokemon Gens
  • You can have more than one of the same Pokemon, if they have an Alolan form (ex. Sandshrew, Raichu, Vulpix)
  • Different members can have the same Pokemon in their decks; try to use different images though!
  • 1 border colour, 1 Poke ball of member's choice (can be the same as member ID)
  • This was meant to be hard, so give it your all!
Pokemon 001
--------Recieved by: Hatching at least 6 eggs from the Daycare!

Pokemon 002
--------Recieved by: Mastering at least 3 different three-tier Pokemon evolution lines (ex. Geodude line, Mareep line, Pichu line)!

Pokemon 003
--------Recieved by: Spending 5000 stardust at the shop!

Pokemon 004
--------Recieved by: Collecting at least 4 gym badges!

Pokemon 005
--------Recieved by: Maxing out donations for 4 months (does not have to be sequential months)!

Pokemon 006
--------Recieved by: Reaching LVL. 10

To design your Trainer Deck, create a new thread called [member]'s Trainer Deck and use the form below!

Code: Select all

[b]Images:[/b] (upload a zip of all of your images)
[b]Border Colour:[/b] (hex or general colour) 
[b]Poke Ball Code:[/b] (can be the same as your member ID or different) 
Use this form when turning in proof for a task!

Code: Select all

[b]# Unlocking:[/b] 
[b]Task Completed:[/b] 

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